2016 Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival


The 7th annual Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival took place 21 – 24 July. Lovers of literature and all things Karoo were treated to close encounters with well known authors and a chance to mingle with like-minded spirits. Here are some of the highlights Toby and I attended: 

Karoo INKspiration was an introduction workshop on painting with ink, bleach and water, using the landscapes, textures and buildings of the Karoo as inspiration. Theresa Hardman is a P.E.based artist and architect with a special place in her heart for the Karoo and particularly Cradock. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 

 Mike Hardwich – Vet and conservationist enthralled a captive audience with the trials and tribulations of his career as a country vet. He has worked with wild and domesticated animals for over 39 years. All of his enjoyable tales are documented in his 3 books and proceeds go towards ‘Dr Mike Hardwich Foundation’ – to help animals of the less fortunate. Find more info here.

Liz De Wet – Archivist at the Cory Library for Humanities research presented a collection of Lidbetter photographs. Catherine Knox is a textile artist with a particular passion for stitch and natural fibre. Her work can be seen at The Studio, Donkin Street, Bedford. Her creative touch and impressive stall was much appreciated by all, one of the Festival organizers. Browsing through second hand books for sale at bargain prices. We came home with far too many books and not enough weekend! “In this wild and tender place may we ever hear the sound of truth, in the whispering of stars. In the turning of windmills, in the silence of the veld” – Antony Osler.

Poetry, politics, mindfulness, laughter, tears, and honesty were the order of the day as this enigmatic and inspirational man wove the story of his Buddha and Zen wisdom. He gave an enraptured crowd a fascinating glimpse into his books and encounters with human kind whilst simultaneously imprinting his playfulness, appreciation, insight and perception.

Thanks to the sponsors of the festival, the National English Literacy museum and all the organizers for a spectacular event! From one festivity to the next…don’t miss our monthly Farmers Market in Cradock on Orange Grove. An exciting new addition are 4 beautiful donkeys…see you there!