Long table lunch under the Pepper trees. This table of 22 flew in from P.E. in 5 light aircrafts!


Our Farmers Market, Farmlife and Family

One of the best things about The Market is that we are able to share it with family. For the first one Toby’s sister was here from P.E. and for this one my parents came all the way from KZN, along with my son from P.E. It’s a lot of work but it’s such a great feeling to share all this with our family. Our intention with the Market is to create a platform for locals to sell their wares, to encourage people to buy local and also to attract visitors to our beautiful town. All proceeds from The Farmyard, Feed The Animals goes to Cradock Animal Shelter and sales of handmade shopping bags goes to Vukusebenze Homeless Shelter. 

 Below are my parents – Lyn and Graham Wright, enjoying the scenery and coffee on the mountains on the farm. We are so grateful for the support of the local community and for the privilege of being able to give back to a town we also lately love living in. 

Farmers Market on Orange Grove



     Our vision was to create a gathering place where people could get together, buy local products and enjoy awesome food. Toby and I have spent the past two weeks working on ‘The Top Shed’ as we call it. It’s a massive 90 square meter shed built initially by his parents to house chinchillas (traded for their pelts). The chinchillas have long since gone and we always wanted to do something with this beautiful building. 

The support from our local community was absolutely amazing, Cradock people are just something else! A big thanks to the super talented, green fingered Cathy Knox for coming all the way from Bedford. To see people enjoying themselves so much was so rewarding. The market will be a monthly event – the last Sunday of every month (besides next month which is the Food Festival

  Elani and Wentzel…true to form your stall was awesome!  Pieter the Coffee Barista from Milas.
  I remember this face from the Very first Karoo Food Festival..standing near pink cupcake
  Karoo Brew sold out within an hour or two!  
  Cathy Knox